New Zealand's Sexual Health Company

GLYDE Healthcare are 100% Kiwi owned and operated, providing a range of health & hygiene products to the Healthcare and Prime Industry along with a complete supply chain service to the adult industry of Aotearoa with top quality and proven reliable products made both locally and overseas.

Our staff at GLYDE Healthcare NZ have experience across each of our sectors in real world experience, when you need to find someone that understands your issues and challenges, you will be hard pressed to find any one more understanding.

Our products have been carefully selected to be green for the environment and for us as individuals. Sanitisers & Cleaners must be Eco-Safe, Lubricants must be pH balanced, condoms must be tough yet sheer, massage oils can not leave any residue and most importantly everything must be water soluble.

GLYDE Healthcare NZ have partnered with Global leading manufacturers and are now bringing those bulk price savings to your door step, through our delivery network we can deliver anywhere in the North or South Island overnight on paid orders.